quarta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2012

The 13 Project (in english)

I have recently found out about Serena Faber Nelson's (Pretty Fluffly - do visit her blog, it's awesome and full of cute and interesting posts) project for the end of 2013: The 13 Project.

I immediately decided that this was something I wanted to take part in. As Serena says herself, it's quite overwhelming to be surrounded by so many projects, charities and causes that aim to help animals.

And the truth is, can my help really matter? Well, I guess that if I was someone like Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton or some other influential celebrity, my contribution to making the world a better place for animals would be a lot more relevant. However, as individuals we are able to change the world. I mean, not all of it... But a little.

Here in Portugal we have a saying that, if literally translated, goes like this: "Grain by grain, the hen fills her belly" (this would probably be our counterpart to "start at the bottom and work your way to the top") and this is quite true... If I am able to teach something relevant to one person or change one opinion...That's a great start! And if that person does the same and so on...Even better!

"The 13 Project is an initiative that involves 13 acts of kindness towards animals before 2013." 

I have thought a lot about what I wanted to do for animals and since my main objective with this blog is to educate, that's where I'll start. People that really love animals are usually terrific pet owners and that usually means that they go and look online for information about the best way to take care of their animals. That's why a big part of my personal "The 13 project" focuses on educating and informing.

Here is my list:

1. Write a blog post about pet adoption.
2. Write a blog post about the importance and benefits of spaying/neutering dogs and cats.
3. Make a leaflet about Leismaniosis  to hand out to friends, colleagues, neighboors and to put into mailboxes to raise awareness of this terrible disease.
4. Write a blog post on parasite control.
5. Share 13 adoptable animals via blog, facebook and twitter.
6. Interview one foster family to inspire others to become one.
7. Write a "Pet Care 101" blog post.
8. Make a poster/infographic about common substances that are poisonous for our pets (dogs/cats).
9. Promote 3 animal charities and their Christmas wishlists.
10. Volunteer at an animal charity, even if just for one afternoon.
11. Encourage my co-workers to donate old beddings and towels to animal charities.
12. Encourage people I know to donate a small amount of money (0.50 cents, 1 euro...That's one or two cups of coffee) to buy food for an animal charity.
13. Share and promote "The 13 Project" and encourage others to take part in it!

I hope I can do it all! I will keep you updated on this (in portuguese and english). Wish me good luck! And if you feel like it, join this AMAZING project and help build a better world for us and for animals (Find out more here).

Portuguese version coming soon.

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  1. "Grain by grain, the hen fills her belly" - I love it! Thanks so much for joining The 13 Project - your list has SO many good ideas, it's really impressive!
    Looking forward to cheering you on with your list xx

  2. Thank you so much Serena! I'm really glad you found the ideas interesting! :) And thank you for coming up with such a wonderful idea! It's really inspiring! x